[ESIP-all] DataONE Webinar Reminder: Empowering Earth Science Communities to Share Data Through Guided Metadata Improvement

Amber E Budden aebudden at dataone.unm.edu
Mon Feb 8 15:24:09 EST 2016

Dear ESIP Community

Please be reminded of our upcoming February DataONE Webinar Series event (

*Empowering Earth Science Communities to Share Data Through Guided Metadata

Ted Habermann (HDF Group), Lindsay Powers (HDF Group) and Matt Jones
Tuesday *February 9th at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00 noon Eastern*.

The webinar abstract is available below.  There is no cost
to registration however you must pre-register at:

We welcome you to join us for this and future webinars in the
series.  Webinars are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12
noon Eastern Time.  They will be recorded and made available for viewing
latter the same day. A Q&A forum will also be available to attendees and
later viewers alike.

More information on the DataONE Webinar Series can be found at:
www.dataone.org/webinars and we welcome suggestions for speakers and topics.


Webinar Abstract:

Earth Science communities can improve the discoverability, use and
understanding of their data by improving the completeness and consistency
of their metadata. Despite the potential for a great payoff, resources to
invest in this work are often limited. We are working with DataONE Member
Nodes to quantitatively evaluate their metadata and to identify specific
strategies to improve the completeness and consistency of their metadata.
We have developed an iterative, guided process intended to efficiently
improve metadata to better serve their own communities, as well as share
data across disciplines. The community specific approach focuses on
community metadata requirements, and also provides guidance on adding other
metadata concepts to expand the effectiveness of metadata for multiple
uses, including data discovery, data understanding, and data re-use. The
end goal of this work is to help communities improve their metadata based
on their own requirements through time.

We will present the results of a baseline analysis of more than 25 diverse
metadata collections from established data repositories representing
communities across the earth and environmental sciences. The baseline
analysis describes the current state of the metadata in these collections
and highlights areas for improvement. We compare these collections to
demonstrate exemplar practitioners that can provide guidance to other

In addition, we are building web-based tools based on a common metadata
evaluation library that can be incorporated into community tools such as
metadata editors and repository platforms, as well as form the core of a
metadata completeness reporting service that is integrated within specific
partner information systems such as the DataONE Coordinating Node services
and the Mercury Online Metadata Editor. This aspect of the project is
forthcoming and we will discuss the plans for the future.

Amber E Budden, PhD
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