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Forwarded on behalf of Dave Meyer -  


The US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) coordinates the global 
change research activities of 13 Federal agencies. This is facilitated by 
the USGCRP National Coordination Office (NCO) staffed by Federal detailees 
and contract employees. One of the NCO activities is to coordinate the 
development of a data system to integrate information about global change 
from across the program the Global Change Information System (GCIS). GCIS 
harmonizes the organization and representation of Global Change Information 
(GCI) from across the program and integrates existing information from the 
agency data centers. Early phases of the GCIS focused on representing the 
provenance of the National Climate Assessment (NCA) and its technical 
input, and used existing agency data centers for sources of information to 
integrate into the system. Current and future phases focus on enhancing and 
scaling the system and connecting the GCI in the system to other existing 
systems and sources of information.

We are seeking a federal employee for a two year detail to the USGCRP to 
serve as Technical Lead for the GCIS. Working with the NCO’s Chief Digital 
Officer, the GCIS Technical Lead will oversee and guide the activities of 
the USGCRP GCIS team. This team includes, but is not limited to, the GCIS 
Software Engineer, Data Manager and Data Coordinator. The GCIS Technical 
Lead is a program lead for global change information and provides strategic 
direction in the areas of content acquisition and feature development. The 
GCIS Technical Lead will work with agency representatives and the GCIS 
project team to establish milestones and delivery timelines as well as 
communicate project status and direction to USGCRP staff and leadership. 
The incumbent will represent USGCRP interests in interagency GCI activities 
and within the broader environmental data community. This position will 
require willingness to relocate to USGCRP NCO office in Washington D.C.

*See attachment for additional details and requirements for the position.*


Interested candidates, please submit your name to Dave Meyer (Tel: 
202-358-1942,  Email:david.meyer-1 at nasa.gov) by *COB Monday*, *March 14, 
2016*.  Candidates should then expect to be contacted by NASA HQ for 
further discussion. 


If a candidate is selected by NASA HQ, he/she would become the NASA 
recommendation to the USGCRP for fulfilling this position.

*Dave Meyer*
NASA HQ | Earth Science Data Systems <https://earthdata.nasa.gov/>
w: (202) 358-1942 | c: (202) 285-8258
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