[ESIP-all] ESIP IT&I has a new co-chair

Ethan Davis edavis at ucar.edu
Tue Apr 19 13:55:46 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Rich Signell, who many of you know, is joining me as co-chair of the ESIP
IT&I Committee. Rich, who is with USGS at WHOI, has long been a champion of
data interoperability. He has helped and encouraged many groups in their
efforts to improve the accessibility of their data, always pushing
pragmatic solutions.

Thanks Rich!

The first change you will notice involves the ESIP IT&I Rant-n-Rave webinar
series. We are combining two similar webinar series into one that will
hopefully be bigger, stronger, faster. So, ESIP IT&I Rant-n-Rave webinar
series and the USGS Tech Stack webinar series will now be the ESIP / USGS
Tech Dive webinar series.

More information on the first Tech Dive webinar coming soon.


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