[ESIP-all] ESIP-wide International Data Week Debrief/Recap

Bob Chen bchen at ciesin.columbia.edu
Thu Sep 1 15:36:19 EDT 2016

Justin et al.--

I can do a report on several activities, in particular the two 
sessions on Mapping Population and Infrastructure and a session on 
sustainable development indicators that I organized, plus a side 
meeting on Settlement, Infrastructure, and Population data, plus 
activities of the RDA-CODATA Legal Interoperability Interest Group.

Bob Downs will be traveling during this time slot, but may be able to 
get a few items from him.

Cheers, Bob

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> Subject: [ESIP-all] ESIP-wide International Data Week Debrief/Recap
> Hi everyone,  The majority of the September edition of the Data Stewardship Committee's (DSC) monthly
> meeting will be devoted to a recap of International Data Week (IDW).  This meeting would consequently be
> of interest to the broad ESIP Community, not just the Data Stewardship Committee.  I'm contemplating this
> as a mini-ESIP wide telecon.  My thanks to Erin and Annie for embracing this effort.
>    This recap telecon will occur on Monday, September 19 at 2 PM EDT / 11 AM PDT.  While I recognize that
> it overlaps with DataOne's User Group Meeting, we're unable to move the session to later in the month. 
> The information conveyed during the DSC discussion may be used to inform future DSC and ESIP-wide efforts
> and engagements.
>    DSC vice-chair Rama Ramapriyan and I ask that you contact us offline if all of the following apply to
> you.
>  *  Attending all or part of IDW
>  *  Could attend the September 19 telecon
>  *  Would be willing to provide an informal report-out (appx. 5 mins give or take) on the sessions you
>     attend, with a special emphasis on any outcomes or decisions made during the various IDW sessions. 
>     Slides are not required.
> We appreciate your contacting Rama, Sophie Hou, and I offline in an effort to minimize e-mail traffic over
> the esip-all listserve.  Contact info is as follows:
>  *  Rama     hampapuram.ramapriyan AT ssaihq dOT com
>  *  Sophie   hou AT ucar DoT Edu
>  *  me:        jgoldstein At USGCRP dOT goV
> All the best.
> -Justin
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