[ESIP-all] ESIP-wide International Data Week Debrief/Recap

Justin Goldstein (Contractor) jgoldstein at usgcrp.gov
Tue Aug 30 16:16:39 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,
  The majority of the September edition of the Data Stewardship Committee's
(DSC) monthly meeting will be devoted to a recap of International Data Week
(IDW).  This meeting would consequently be of interest to the broad ESIP
Community, not just the Data Stewardship Committee.  I'm contemplating this
as a *mini-ESIP wide telecon*.  My thanks to Erin and Annie for embracing
this effort.

   This recap telecon will occur on *Monday, September 19 *at 2 PM EDT / 11
AM PDT.  While I recognize that it overlaps with DataOne's User Group
Meeting, we're unable to move the session to later in the month.  The
information conveyed during the DSC discussion may be used to inform future
DSC and ESIP-wide efforts and engagements.

   DSC vice-chair Rama Ramapriyan and I ask that you contact us *offline *if
*all *of the following apply to you.

   - Attending all or part of IDW
   - Could attend the September 19 telecon
   - Would be willing to provide an informal report-out (appx. 5 mins give
   or take) on the sessions you attend, with a special emphasis on any
   outcomes or decisions made during the various IDW sessions.  Slides are not

We appreciate your contacting Rama, Sophie Hou, and I offline in an effort
to minimize e-mail traffic over the esip-all listserve.  Contact info is as

   - Rama     hampapuram.ramapriyan AT ssaihq dOT com
   - Sophie   hou AT ucar DoT Edu
   - me:        jgoldstein At USGCRP dOT goV

All the best.

Justin Goldstein, Ph.D.
Advance Science Coordinator
US Global Change Research Program
National Coordination Office

1800 G Street NW, Suite 9100 (*Note New Address)*
Washington, D.C. 20006, U.S.A.
phone: (202) 419-3496
e-mail: jgoldstein AT usgcrp Dot gov

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