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Murphy, Kevin J. (HQ-DK000) kevin.j.murphy at nasa.gov
Fri Sep 23 09:54:43 EDT 2016

Encourage all to apply! They want to fill it soon.

Kevin Murphy
Program Executive for Earth Science Data Systems
NASA Headquarters


To access the job opening go to:


Type in:  16001655 in the Job Number section and press “Search for Jobs”

Senior Support Scientist - Earth Science-16001655

Arctic Slope Technical Services (ASTS) provides IT and Intelligence services to the federal defense and intelligence communities.  Our focused solutions offer efficiency, agility, and innovation.  We resolve issues quickly and provide ideas and solutions to help our customers fix problems and overcome challenges.

ASTS is seeking a Senior Support Scientist to support Flight Programs in the Earth Science Division (ESD) of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.


The full time Sr. Support Scientist will have the following major roles in the execution of his/her duties in this position.

Research and Analysis Programs:

The role of the Sr. Support Scientist will be to conduct day-to-day management and/or support of the Citizen Science for Earth Systems (CSES) program in the Earth Science Division (ESD) of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters. This role supports the Earth Science Data Systems Program Executive in carrying out the CSES research program. CSES has solicited research proposals for both developing sensor technology for use in citizen science, and proposals for carrying out Earth science research using citizen science approaches. The program is a multi-million dollar and multi-year endeavor, which cuts across many topics and focus areas within NASA’s Earth Science strategy.

The Sr. Support Scientist will be the primary point of contact for the researchers awarded through the recent solicitation. They will be the liaison between NASA Headquarters and the PIs overseeing the projects. They will organize and carry out peer reviews. In addition, they will be a point of contact on Earth Science citizen science activities for NASA Headquarters, taking part in the NASA Citizen Science forum, the Federal Community of Practice on Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science, and engaging with other offices at NASA and across the Federal government to promote the work of the CSES program.

The ideal candidate will have an Earth Science-related advanced degree and a minimum of 5 years relevant experience. This experience should include but not be limited to principal and/or co-investigative research, publications, progress reporting, and familiarity with the Earth Science proposal submission process. Other than duties determined by law or by policy to be restricted to NASA civil servants (e.g., final decisions on reviewer assignments will be approved by and final decisions on what will be funded will be made by the R&A lead for ESD), in all other ways the Sr. Support Scientist would have the responsibilities of a Program Officer.

Specific duties in this role will include:

  *   Communicate with proposers and prior award recipients

  *   Perform technical evaluation of progress reports

  *   Set peer review dates and locations

  *   Recommend panelists and mail-in reviewers to NASA

  *   Communicate assignments to panelists and mail-in reviewers

  *   Participate in and/or lead peer reviews

  *   Review the panel evaluations

  *   Prepare materials for the selection document

  *   Communicate decisions of the selection official to proposers

  *   Receive and evaluate appeals

  *   Interface with procurement to facilitate awards

Cross-divisional program management:

Another role of the Sr. Support Scientist will be to act as liaison with the Program Officer responsible for the Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science program. The successful candidate will have experience in the management of Earth science and technical programs or have a record of successful research and/or information technology development.

Other requirements:

In addition to the above tasks, the Sr. Support Scientist will be expected to be available during business hours, be responsive to management and to proposers, attend appropriate NASA meetings, and perform other science duties as assigned, including travel to attend scientific and or management meetings, and bilateral and other international meetings.

It is expected that the position will be housed at NASA HQ or the peer review contractor’s office in the Washington metropolitan area.

The Sr. Support Scientist will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and strictly adhere to a conflict of interest avoidance and mitigation plan. It is expected that the Sr. Support Scientist will not participate in the development of or be a member on proposal teams. The Sr. Support Scientist must openly disclose and identify any and all matters that give rise to a potential conflict of interest. This includes the appearance of bias created by involvement of a spouse or family member in any part of the proposal process. The candidate must identify any recent employment and science collaborations that present a potential conflict of interest and/or may create an appearance of bias towards certain proposers.

Summary of Requirements:

  *   The Sr. Support Scientist must have a minimum of a Master of Science Degree in an area related to Earth Science, OR

  *   A relevant Advanced Degree in an area related to Earth Science, WITH

  *   At least 5 years of relevant scientific research work experience.

  *   The candidate must have demonstrated professional experience in Earth science and citizen science

  *   Excellent organizational skills

  *   Excellent oral and written communication skills

  *   Knowledge of and experience in, NASA practices and procedures.

  *   The candidate must be able to pass a basic background screening for admission into a Federal facility.

  *   Other procedural requirements as stated above.

ASRC Federal and its Subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employers.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or protected veteran status.

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