[ESIP-all] Request for Comments: ESIP's research code/software guidelines, October 2016

soren scott sorenscott at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 17:56:56 EDT 2016

Hello all,

The complete draft of ESIP's research code/software guidelines
is available for comment throughout October. If you have suggestions or
feedback for:

   1. Interoperability
   2. Jupyter notebooks as code or documentation (any notebook platform)
   3. The proposed progression
   4. Sustainability
   or adoption/reuse

please chime in now! And suggestions for any other section is more than

If you're interested in a telecon to discuss the progression model,
sustainability and adoption/reuse, the guidelines proper or some other
topic in the draft, please let me know by completing this google form:


If you use the Hypothes.is tool for commenting, let me know who you are
(user name in hypothes.is and name/affiliation) so that we can add you to
the Contributors list.

Thank you,


Soren Scott
Research Coder
The Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship
soren.scott at ronininstitute.org
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