[ESIP-all] Seeking stories about searching for core and cuttings at state geological surveys

Ramdeen, Sarah ramdeen at email.unc.edu
Fri Oct 21 14:40:45 EDT 2016

Apologies for cross postings

Do you work with cores, cuttings or thin sections?
Have you ever contacted a state geological survey to find these materials in their collections?

For my dissertation, I am researching how scientists search for physical geological materials such as cores, cuttings and thin sections.  Participation involves a 30 minute interview about your experiences searching at state geological surveys.

To take part in this study, please contact me: Sarah Ramdeen ramdeen at email.unc.edu<mailto:ramdeen at email.unc.edu>.

Inquires at state geological survey's do not need to be successful (i.e. result in a visit or acquisition of samples) in order to take part in this study.  Questions will focus on your search practices and the resources used in locating physical sample materials for your research.

For more information about my study, please see my website: https://ramdeen.web.unc.edu/dissertation/interviews-background/

Please share this message with any individuals or communities that might be interested in participating.

With any luck, the results of this work (which will be broadly disseminated) will improve your search in the future.

Thank you!

Sarah Ramdeen Doctoral Candidate
School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina
ramdeen at email.unc.edu<mailto:ramdeen at email.unc.edu>

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