[ESIP-all] Request for info on "Trusted Data" concepts

Moe, Karen (GSFC-407.0)[EMERITUS] karen.moe at nasa.gov
Mon Jun 12 14:34:45 EDT 2017

Greetings ESIP,

The Disasters Lifecycle cluster is tackling the question “What is Trusted Data?” at the ESIP Summer meeting in July. We are seeking examples of certification processes to help inform possible strategies we might recommend to ESIP.

Please help us by identifying existing candidates that we can examine, for data or even devices, that will guide our discussions about various aspects of validation / certification steps that might be relevant to ESIP members’ data and services.

Although our initial focus will be on data for disasters decision making, the thinking is that we might come up with a template for identifying trusted data for many geospatial applications. Based on our collaborations with the All Hazards Consortium, we are pursuing inputs from some folks in FEMA, but I suspect that NOAA and USGS might have useful perspectives, as well as insurance and other private-sector entities.

Appreciate your help in tracking down contacts, examples, websites, etc.

What Do We Mean by “Trusted” Data?
This interactive breakout session will build on initial work in the Disasters Lifecycle Cluster addressing Trusted Data concepts (derived from www.tdwi.org<http://www.tdwi.org/>). The goal is to develop a working definition of Trusted Data for data sets supporting disasters-related activities, however clarifying the characteristics and features will be relevant to other ESIP data domains. In recent work with the All Hazards Consortium on Data Driven Decision Making, our 3DM workshops, we see a need for a more precise definition of Trusted Data as we discover, test and validate data sets for operational use. We plan to leverage relevant lessons learned from disaster preparedness exercises such as Cascadia Rising, and experience with socio-economic data at CIESIN. We will also review complementary work on Operational Readiness Levels (ORLs) for maturing data sets through the ESIP Geo-Collaborate Testbed, with an end goal of validating or certifying resulting data sets as Trusted.

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