[ESIP-all] Request for info on "Trusted Data" concepts

Rorie Edmunds rorie.edmunds at icsu-wds.org
Tue Jun 13 02:20:34 EDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Since the ICSU World Data System and the new WDS–DSA Core Trustworthy Data
Repositories Requirements (https://goo.gl/Z8BDeC) have been mentioned,
please allow me to respond:

   - Karen, we would welcome any interactions you would like to have on
   this subject. Please feel free to get in contact if I can be of any
   assistance to you. And many thanks to Bill for pointing everyone towards
   our new, joint certification standard.
   - Bob, this is a very important and interesting development. It is
   useful to learn and I will pass it on to the WDS–DSA Standards and
   Certification Board (https://goo.gl/vXlB4V).
   - David, this is also useful information. ICSU-WDS has proposed a panel
   session at AGU on Certification and Trustworthiness (
   which has now been combined with another traditional session on a similar
   topic, so I am sure that some synergies can be found.

Best wishes,


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