[ESIP-all] Movie showing the development of Huston flooded area

Liping Di ldi at gmu.edu
Fri Sep 1 13:38:25 EDT 2017

David and Karen:
Attached is the movie showing the flooded area in Huston area at three-hour interval. The product is derived from SMAP data with a new algorithm developed by the post-flood crop damage assessment project (RF-CLASS system) funded by David’ disaster program.   Because there is a three-day delay in availability of SMAP data,  we have over 3-day delay to produce the flooded area.  This is an experimental product without full validation yet. The resolution is 9-km.

We also developed an algorithm for the rapid assessment of crop loss due to flood. We need to have post-flood MODIS data to do the assessment. There was a clear sky in Huston area yesterday, but we have been waiting for NASA to make the MODIS data available online in order to generate the crop-loss map. Once the data is available, we should be able to generate the crop damage map within a couple of hours.


Liping Di, Ph.D
Professor and Director
Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems
George Mason University
Phone: 703-993-6114

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