[ESIP-all] Request for Satellite or Drone data related to Hurricane Harvey damage assessment

Moe, Karen (GSFC-407.0)[EMERITUS] karen.moe at nasa.gov
Fri Sep 1 13:01:27 EDT 2017


The AHC is supporting FEMA and helping coordinate Fleet Response activities, where utilities cooperate to assist in recovery operations, not only for power but also fuel, food and housing. The AHC has an active portal supporting their Sensitive Information Sharing Environment and Dave Jones/StormCenter is populating relevant data sets that you can see here: https://frwg.geocollaborate.com/dashboard

At today’s telecom we received a request for satellite or drone data. I understand that NASA and NOAA satellite products already go through official channels for FEMA use. Are you aware of other data sets or drone images that might be relevant to damage assessment for Hurricane Harvey?

If you have datasets to offer, please follow the formats listed below for integration into the GeoCollaborate® Dashboard that is the central hub for situational awareness for the FRWG response support efforts.

For those of you that have data to send for us to evaluate and possibly add to the Fleet Response Working Group Dashboard we need to have the data offered as the following: Web Mapping Service (WMS); KML and/or KMZ; ESRI Feature Service; CSV file (with labels at the top of each column and Lat/Lons associated with each data element, CSV format should be the Esri CSV file format); RealEarth format (I.e. RealEarth is imagery offered by Univ of Wisconsin CIMSS, this is a json ); ATOM/RSS; GEOJSON; JSON

Providing data and/or imagery in these formats will make it easier for us to test it within the Disaster Dashboard and put this data to work more rapidly.

Please contact Dave Jones <dave at stormcenter.com<mailto:dave at stormcenter.com>> and copy Tom Wible (tom at stormcenter.com<mailto:tom at stormcenter.com>) with your data samples.

Karen Moe - Co–Chair, ESIP Disasters cluster
Dave Jones - Co–Chair, ESIP Disasters cluster
Founder & CEO
StormCenter Communications, Inc.
bwtech at UMBC Research & Technology Park
1450 S. Rolling Road, Suite 4.029
Halethorpe, MD 21227
dave at stormcenter.com<mailto:dave at stormcenter.com>

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