[ESIP-all] SciComm Doodle poll

Denise Hills dhills at gsa.state.al.us
Thu Sep 7 10:47:23 EDT 2017

Hi all!

I know there are several folks who are interested in participating in the SciComm cluster, but have been unable to make our current call time. With that in mind, I’ve set up a doodle poll for possible alternate meeting times.

Please note, our current time is included (3rd Wed at 4ET/3CT/2MT/1PT) in case that really is the best time. Also, take these as general “the 3rd Friday of the month” type things rather than specifically for the month of September. These times do not currently overlap with any of the scheduled conference calls (I don’t think) but I will remove an option if Bruce or others let me know that I managed to screw that up ☺

Also, in case it doesn’t change – I set up the poll in my time zone, Central Time. Doodle is usually good about changing to your local time zone, but JUST IN CASE I wanted to let you know.

Here’s the link:


Sooner rather than later to complete the poll would be appreciated – we are currently scheduled to meet next Wednesday and it would be great to announce our new time either during the call or prior to it.

Thanks so much!

Denise Hills
Director, Energy Investigations
Geological Survey of Alabama
+1-205-247-3694 (office)
+1-205-239-8191 (cell)
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