[ESIP-all] EdComm Meeting Time Doodle Poll

Shelley Olds olds at unavco.org
Mon Sep 24 15:51:16 EDT 2018

Hi all!
I know there are several folks who are interested in participating in the
EdComm (Education Committee), and have been unable to make our current call
time. With that in mind, I’ve set up a doodle poll for possible alternate
meeting times.
Please note, our current time is included (2rd Wed at 3ET /2CT /1MT /12PT)
in case that really is the best time.
Take these choices as general, eg “the 3rd Friday of the month” type things
rather than specifically for the month of October. These times do not
currently overlap with any of the scheduled conference calls (I don’t
think) but I will remove an option if get the heads up :)
Also, in case the Time Zone doesn’t change to your time zone – I set up the
poll in Eastern Time. Doodle is usually good about changing, but JUST IN
CASE I wanted to let you know to Check the Time Zone listed on your poll.
When in doubt, use Eastern Time. No meetings are suggested before 11am ET /
10am CT/ 9am MT / 8am PT.
Here’s the link:
Please complete before October 1  – we are currently scheduled to meet
Wednesday October 10 and it would be great to announce our new time either
during the call or prior to it.
On another note, we are waiting to here about 2018-2019FY budgets;
hopefully by early October.
Thanks so much!
Shelley (Chair, ESIP EdComm)
(Thx Denise for your fine email as a model)

Shelley Olds
Education & Community Engagement
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Boulder, CO 80301-5553

Voice: 303-381-7496
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