[ESIP-all] 2019 IOOS DMAC Code Sprint Announcement

Micah Wengren micah.wengren at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 6 11:25:56 EDT 2019


<apologies for any cross-postings>

The US IOOS office, partnering with the Great Lakes Observing System 
(GLOS), is pleased to announce the 2019 DMAC Code Sprint, to be held in 
Ann Arbor, MI from 8 - 10 October.

The code sprint will bring together software developers, data managers, 
and technical representatives from the US IOOS <https://ioos.noaa.gov/>, 
CIOOS <https://www.cioos.ca/>, and external communities to work together 
in person to further open source technologies for managing ocean data.

There will be several concurrent sprints happening over the course of 
the three day event.  Highlights include:

  * Hands-on development work with the ERDDAP
    <https://coastwatch.pfeg.noaa.gov/erddap/index.html> data server,
    including an overview of working with ERDDAP code by Bob Simons and
    ERDDAP configuration troubleshooting assistance

  * Implementation of open source QARTOD
    <https://ioos.noaa.gov/project/qartod/> quality control software in

  * A workshop on managing biological data and associated data
    management standards

  * Development of an open source timeseries graphing library based on
    code developed by Axiom Data Science

  * An intro to the Pangeo <https://pangeo.io> platform and software
    ecosystem for big data analytics, among others

More information about the event is available here: 

We also have a draft work plan: 
https://tinyurl.com/ioos-code-sprint-plan and schedule: 
https://tinyurl.com/ioos-code-sprint-schedule available.

The sprint is open to anyone in the ocean data community with an 
interest in contributing to these efforts or bringing their own related 
technical projects or software to collaborate on.

Those interested in attending are asked to register using the Google 
Form linked from the GLOS website above.

Please email me (micah.wengren at noaa.gov) and David Fitch (david at glos.us) 
if you have any questions about this announcement.



Micah Wengren
SSMC3 Room 2619
1315 East West Hwy, 20910

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