[ESIP-all] Today - this community gives me hope

Susan Shingledecker susanshingledecker at esipfed.org
Wed Jan 6 17:13:47 EST 2021

This afternoon and evening, we are watching unprecedented violence and
destruction in Washington, DC. A city and a country long heralded as a
pillar of democracy in chaos. It is shocking, and it is scary. For those
ESIP Community members in and around the DC area - please stay safe.

As the events were unfolding this afternoon, I was on the third of ESIP’s
Virtual Facilitation training sessions offered this week. Over the last two
days, nearly 50 of our community members have dedicated over 90 minutes
learning about best practices for virtual collaboration, making our time
together more engaging, more interactive, and more productive. As my phone
buzzed with texts, I couldn’t help but feel many of the same feelings I
felt on June 28, 2018, when a shooter entered the newspaper office in my
hometown of Annapolis, MD. It is jarring to see that level of hate in our

Today, amid the chaos, we kept on learning, exploring, connecting, and
growing. This community gives me hope and fills me with optimism today and
every day. Now more than ever, truth matters, and data matters. Our work
together matters more than ever and will in the days, weeks, months, and
years ahead. I am grateful for a community of brilliant, kind, and
inquisitive individuals working together to solve some of our world’s most
pressing challenges.

Please stay safe, and I look forward to connecting with all of you at the
Winter Meeting later this month.

*Susan Shingledecker*
Executive Director
Earth Science Information Partners - ESIP

443.223.6208 | susanshingledecker at esipfed.org

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