[ESIP-all] Courtney Bowman (Palantir Technologies) @ ESIP ML Cluster Telecon (10/15)

Cindy Lin cindylky at umich.edu
Wed Oct 6 15:47:13 EDT 2021

Dear Cluster/Committee Participants,

This is a gentle reminder that the next meeting for ESIP's Machine Learning
Cluster is happening* next Friday, October 15, 12 pm ET/9 am PT.*

For next week's cluster meeting, we are honored to have *Courtney Bowman*
 from *Palantir Technologies* give a talk. This is part of an ongoing
effort within the ML research cluster to discuss *AI ethics in the earth
and environmental sciences *and we welcome participants to participate in
discussing and furthering research and practical work on such important


Meeting Agenda doc:

*Title: *The Fundamental Limits of AI/ML and the Enduring Role of Human

*Abstract: *Machine Learning and other variants of Artificial Intelligence
have become seemingly ubiquitous tools for data science and industry
ventures over the last several years. But people tend to forget that this
is not the first cycle of AI exuberance in modern history. In fact, at
least two previous “AI winters” have marred the historical arc of this
technology. Evaluations and critiques demonstrating the pitfalls of prior
AI efforts remain as insightful, relevant, and incisive in informing our
understanding of the philosophical and methodological limits of AI today as
they were in previous generations of research and development. Join
Courtney Bowman, Global Director of Privacy & Civil Liberties Engineering
from Palantir Technologies, in a discussion examining the history of AI,
its fundamental limits (as evinced through philosophical analysis), the
comparative practical and ethical virtues of augmented intelligence, and
principles of good data science that should be infused in future AI

*Speaker Bio:*
Courtney Bowman is Global Director of Privacy and Civil Liberties
Engineering at Palantir Technologies. His work addresses the confluence of
issues at the intersection of policy, law, technology, ethics, and social
norms. In working extensively with government and commercial partners,
Bowman’s team focuses on enabling Palantir to build and deploy data
integration, sharing, and analysis software that respects and reinforces
privacy, security, and data protection principles and community
expectations. In his role, Bowman also works with the privacy advocacy
world at large to ensure that concerns related to new and emerging
technologies and data sources are addressed in the ongoing design and
implementation of Palantir’s software platforms. Bowman is co-author of The
Architecture of Privacy, which provides a multidisciplinary framework for
designing and building privacy-protective information systems. Prior to
Palantir, Bowman earned degrees in Physics and Philosophy at Stanford
University and worked as a quantitative and economic analyst at Google.


*Cindy Lin*
phd candidate | school of information + STS
university of michigan, ann arbor
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