[Esip-cloud] Recap for ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster's telecon on Oct. 24

Fei Hu fhu at masonlive.gmu.edu
Mon Oct 24 15:24:04 EDT 2016

Dear all,

Thanks for attending today’s telecon. The recap for the meeting is as follows. If you have any revision, please update it at the wiki page http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Cloud_Telecons_10/24/2016.

Discussion notes:

  *   How did NASA use commercial cloud, such as Amazon? What kind of projects need to set up its own cloud in an affordable manner. One of Amazon advantages is to scale up resources. The private could need consider the largest resource for the worst case. On Amazon, you just need pay as you go.
  *   When to make sense on cloud or hardware. Looking into the provision service, such as mapreduce, nosql, to accelerate their system

  *   Technical session: how do people apply cloud computing on their scientific researches.
  *   The comparison between Google computing engine, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Redhat, etc. Look into their features, differences, and potential cost. The cost estimator from GMU for different cloud platforms can be useful, but the information need be updated. Two keys for cloud service users: 1) how much is the cost overtime?  2)how to grow the system overtime?
  *   GPU to accelerate the analysis/software on Cloud; how much the cost of GPU on Amazon? Several issues with GPU may need to be solved: data into GPU/ data movement/ IO bottleneck.

Summary for session proposal:

  *   comparing of using public cloud and private cloud.
  *   comparison between different venders: google redhat etc.

  *   some researches that move to cloud and truly leverage the provision service

  *   application of cloud (including big data) to solve their projects or missions


  *   send out the session proposals by this week


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