[Esip-cloud] Time to Stand up for Science? ESIP Call to Action

Johanna Bozuwa johanna.bozuwa at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 11:48:22 EST 2017

Hi ESIPers,

My name is Johanna Bozuwa and I am a second year ESIP Fellow. The past few
days have made me exasperated as the new administration has put gag orders
on scientists and shuttered access to information and data. See here
and here
Not to mention stranding scientists abroad
after the Muslim Ban.

But I have also been inspired by so many voices rising up
protect what really makes America great—  diversity, democracy, resilience,
and free speech.

At the Winter Meeting it was evident to me that ESIP members were concerned
and wanted to take action. As a scientist and citizen, I feel it is my duty
to stand up.

That is why I would like to start an ESIP community: *Indivisible ESIP
I am thinking of this as an action-oriented group where we can share
resources, plan days of action, organize around big
marches/events/conferences across the country, react to/push back on
unacceptable policies, and just overall defend science, facts, and our
fellow colleagues. We can use this Facebook group as our collaborative
space for now-- *please join!*

I have connected with a few friends working to organize scientists and they
have a few initial ideas for us to tap into:

*1) Science marches* in-the-works:

   1. People's Climate March in DC (Apr 29) - Union of Concerned scientists
   are helping to organize
   science contingent.
   2. March for science
   TBD, possibly May-June?)
   3. ClimateTruth.org <http://climatetruth.org/> are planning a mini-rally
   in Boston to coincide with the upcoming AAAS conference.

*2) Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) "science watchdog" *- UCS have
launched several initiatives to protect scientific integrity in
policymaking under the Trump Administration. More details here

*3) Science Informed Leadership Group *- an effort led by a group of grad
students at UC Davis to promote policymakers with a track record of
evidence-based decision-making. More details here

*4) Indivisible Guide *- a guide for on-the-ground action to resist the
trump agenda <https://www.indivisibleguide.com>. We can use this as a basis
for some of our actions.

Who is with me?

I am open to ideas, opinions, feelings, everything! Feel free to respond
to this email or dive right into the Facebook page. I look forward to
watching this community grow and stand together.

-- Johanna Bozuwa
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