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Hi all,

Sorry for the webex mixed up this morning. I am going to blame it on Microsoft Outlook!  Here is an update on our Summer ESIP activities

Workshops – Still need to work with ESIP on participant registration process

·         Introduction to NEXUS - NEXUS is an emerging open source technology that enables horizontal processing of geospatial, array-based data for cluster and cloud environments. This workshop provides an introduction to NEXUS and hands-on exercises using Jupyter notebook to interact with NEXUS.

·         Cloud Computing and NEXUS - Participants should have completed the 'Introduction to NEXUS' workshop or have general understanding of NEXUS and Cloud Computing technologies. This workshop focuses deploying NEXUS on the Amazon cloud environment using AMI and ingesting data into the NEXUS platform for analysis.

Breakout Sessions – We have a few identified speakers from our last meeting.  If you would like to present or know someone we should invite, please let us know.

·         Cloud Onboarding - Are you thinking of moving your existing applications to the cloud? Are you designing your next project to use the cloud? There are just too many unknowns when we consider cloud computing for our projects. This session focuses on migrating existing technologies and services to the cloud, and new projects wanting to fully leverage the cloud environment. We invite presentations on lessons learned, software and architectural approaches (e.g. 12-factor), and cost saving strategies. In addition to oral presentations, we encourage poster and demos at during the ESIP poster session.

·         Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Technologies for the Cloud - There are many freely available software and technologies that can improve DevOps for the Cloud. We invite presentations on the applications and lesson-learned on these solutions. We invite presentations on container technology, orchestration and automation, container and virtual machine management, data analytic, machine learning, data management, etc.



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