[Esip-dds] Moving forward on panel discussion, feedback by Fri 5/10 please

Ramapriyan, Hampapuram K. (GSFC-4230) hampapuram.k.ramapriyan at nasa.gov
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I looked at the abstract - it looks perfect! I don't have any suggestions for change. The letter to panelists looks fine, but I would suggest including the session abstract with the letter so they have a good idea of the purpose and scope of the panel meeting.

It would be a good idea to get to name of panelists by vote of the DDS cluster members (and a visionary speaker) on the list you have here.


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Hi DDSers,

I hope that ASAP we can settle on an abstract for our panel discussion at the the summer meeting and create a short list of people to invite as panelists.

With Carol's help, here is a newer draft of an abstract:

Also, here is a list of potential panelists:

And here is a draft of a letter of invitation to serve on the panel:

Please provide feedback via comments or edits.  In order to keep things moving, please provide your feedback ASAP and no later than Friday, 5/10.  Thank you!!



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