[Esip-dds] We have a panel!

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Mon Jul 1 23:59:48 EDT 2013

Hi DDSers,

You will have seen via my earlier email that we have established our 
panelists.  I'm very happy with the people we got, I think it's going to 
be an interesting session.

We needed to make some modifications to the schedule such that we did 
not keep a visionary "segment" in the session. (Sorry, Rama!) Instead, I 
added a question for the panelists:

"What is your vision for the future regarding scientific data? Please be 
bold and include fanciful, idealistic, lofty, and even utopian ideas."

And, the schedule is this:

5 Anne introduction
4 * 12 = 48 minutes for each speaker's presentation
               (12 minutes presentation only, no Q&A)
32 discussion, general Q&A
  5 Anne summary
90 minutes

Is anyone out there willing to take some notes for the session?  It 
would be really valuable to have two or more note takers.   We can use 
those in planning for our working session the next morning.

Would anyone like to join me for an hour or so over lunch on Wednesday 
or maybe after the reception to review what happened and plan for the 
working session?  Just a quick reconnoiter, not long, I promise!  I 
would like to hear what others heard or think before going into the 
working session.


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