[Esip-dds] DDS session thoughts, plans...

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Fri Jul 5 11:31:12 EDT 2013

Hi DDS-ers,

I'm looking forward to our meeting next week, I think it will be quite 

A few pre meeting thoughts -

As you know, the panel discussion is a plenary session on Wed morning. 
The next day, Thu, we have a working session at 8:30 to discuss what we 
learned and how to move forward.

For the working session I plan to create a slide with the highlights I 
took away from the panel.  I encourage everyone else who has thoughts to 
share to do the same.  We could start the 90 minute working session 
with, say, 15 minutes of hearing from people.  So, please consider 
making a slide to share.

Is anyone available to take notes of the panel discussion?  I think it 
could be really useful to have 2 sets of notes.  Please let me know if 
you're up for that.

Is anyone available to take notes for our working session on Thursday?

At lunch on Wednesday I'll see what I can do about saving a table or two 
for our cluster and our panelists.

Thoughts?  Feedback?

Thank you!


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