[Esip-dds] Results of working session, next steps

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Sat Jul 13 13:37:10 EDT 2013

Hi DDSers,

Thank you to all who participated in a great panel session and also the 
subsequent working session!

(I'm including some in this email who may not be on our email list.  If 
you're not on our list but would like to be, you can sign up here: 
http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Data_Decadal_Survey.  If you're not on 
that email list, I will not pester you with emails beyond this one.)

For those that weren't at the working session, I'm happy to report that 
we made some decisions and identified some steps for moving forward. 
Very briefly, we agreed to approach the question of whether to limit our 
effort to Earth Science or extend beyond to other domains by focusing 
within Earth Science, while also identifying and approaching other 
entities/organizations from outside domains to let them know of our 
effort and see if there is any interest in working together.  We also 
identified these next steps:

1) Create a compelling write up to be used for multiple purposes.    It 
will reference the OSTP memo.  We will make a version for hopefully 
quick publication in EOS that invites comments from the Earth Science 
community.  We can also make a version to reach out to other communities.

2) Seek small, quick funding to
     - hold a planning workshop that will be tacked on to the ESIP 
Winter meeting in DC
     - do a review and synthesis of prior work

I've posted a more complete summary of the outcome of the session, 
including action items and listing article writers and reviewers, from 
the session page on the Commons: http://commons.esipfed.org/node/1458. 
Feel free to provide additions, corrections and comments there.

Our immediate action items are to:

- create an outline for our write up before our next telecon on 7/25
- identify possibilities for quick funding to accomplish the workshop 
and the synthesis of prior results

Chris, I hear you're interested in working on the outline?  I'm willing 
to work on that as well.

Paul, could you provide some possible funding sources from your 
knowledge of foundations?

Are there other immediate action items?  Volunteers for tasks?

Thank you!


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