[Esip-dds] telecon notes, thoughts, action items

Robert R. Downs rdowns at ciesin.columbia.edu
Fri Aug 23 14:00:16 EDT 2013

Anne and all,

As requested, I made another pass to add question marks, references, or 
logic to ground some of the unreferenced assertions in the current draft.



On 8/23/2013 12:39 PM, Anne Wilson wrote:
> Hi DDSers,
> Thank you for a good telecon yesterday.  Some messy but somewhat 
> comprehensible notes by me are available at: 
> http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Telecon_08.22.13_materials.  I may 
> be able to clean them up a tad.
> Here are some points I took away.
> Chris raised the point of scoping beyond just 'data management'. The 
> survey should address important but broad questions, such as "how much 
> metadata needs to be maintained?"  Or possibly, "for resource 
> allocation purposes, how should metadata fields be ranked in 
> importance in order to determine what to save?".  How to phrase the 
> question is the question. ;)
> The point being that there are important broader questions than what 
> the phrase 'data management' and/or 'data stewardship' might imply to 
> some.
> Though the phrase 'data scientist' is ambiguous, and to some refers to 
> data analysis, here we take it to mean issues around scientific data. 
> Perhaps we should make greater use of this phrase.  We felt we could 
> define what we mean for our purposes by illustrating with use 
> cases/stories.
> Personally, I like the idea of creating a list of such questions and 
> weaving some into the story we're trying to tell.  To facilitate that 
> I made a wiki page: 
> http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Data_science_questions_for_the_survey. 
>  My thought was that the page would capture use cases, from which we 
> can derive questions that we think should be covered in the survey. 
> Please add ideas to this page.
> And, I would like to add a one or two of these examples to our EOS piece.
> Comments?
> We need to strengthen our EOS piece by backing up or removing 
> assertions.  Bob and Chris will mark where this is needed.  I would 
> like to see an integration of some of the broader questions as 
> discussed above.  We expect to converge on a final draft within a 1 - 
> 2 weeks.  At that point we will pass it to the non writers who 
> volunteered to review it.
> We're not sure we can get this published before AGU.  Anne to inquire 
> about EOS publication time frame.  Ruth - I will contact you.  Can 
> anyone else shed light on the matter or point me in the right 
> direction?  In an earlier telecon people mentioned other AGU contacts, 
> who were they?
> Workshop funding appears positive at the moment.  We're working with 
> Moore Foundation and NSF, and with NSF's help we will approach Martha 
> Maiden at NASA in the near future.
> We discussed stakeholder roles that should be present at the workshop 
> and so far identified:  funders, cross organizational people, private, 
> academia & experts, people familiar with decadal surveys.
> We agreed to hold a telecon in two weeks.  It is now on the ESIP WebEx 
> schedule: Thu, 9/5, 3:00 ET.  Please let me know ASAP if the 
> scheduling of that telecon is a serious problem for anyone.
> Thanks for your interest and support!
> Anne
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