[Esip-disasters] ESIP Winter Meeting Cross-Domain Collaboratory - Let's Look at Wildfires

Karen Moe karen.moe at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 14 15:57:35 EST 2022

Greetings Disaster Lifecycle Cluster!

We are ready for the virtual ESIP 2022 Winter Meeting <https://2022esipjanuarymeeting.sched.com/>. Hope everyone can join next Thursday January 20, 2022 @ 1:30pm EST, agenda follows <https://2022esipjanuarymeeting.sched.com/event/qkoh/esip-cross-domain-collaboration-laboratory-lets-look-at-wildfires>:

ESIP Disaster Lifecycle Cluster (DLC)
Cross-Domain Collaboratory
Let’s Look at Wildfires
Thursday January 20, 2022 @ 1:30pm EST

10  minutes | 	Meeting Open & Welcome & Purpose of this Session & Goal: 
		Karen Moe and Dave Jones (Co-chairs ESIP Disaster Lifecycle Cluster)
15 minutes |	Carol Ekarius, Executive Director, Coalitions & Collaboratives
			Communities & Preparation -  The Challenges of Being Ready for the Wildfire

35 minutes |	Overview of ESIP Cluster Relevant Activities (Focus on Wildfires)
Ag&Climate Cluster - Brian Wee
Air Quality  - Steve Young
EnviroSensing Cluster - Scotty Strachan
Data Readiness Cluster - Tyler Christensen
Information Quality Cluster -  Bob Downs
Discussion & Questions with Clusters

20 minutes |	Breakout Sessions
Identify ideas for pre-wildfire use cases where some of the identified clusters can work together to address
		Breakout 1: Challenges for pre-wildfire in communities
		Breakout 2: Data to knowledge products for pre-wildfire community situational awareness
		Breakout 3: Community Communication & Education Challenges (wildfire risk regions)

10 minutes |	David Green, NASA Applied Sciences, Wildfire Program Manager
Discuss North Star, pathway forward to provide input to NASA Wildfires Program

Meeting wrap-up, notes and takeaways/next steps on how to stay engaged (slido)

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