[Esip-discovery] Orbit Metadata in OpenSearch Metadata

Cechini, Matthew F. (GSFC-423.0)[RAYTHEON COMPANY] matthew.f.cechini at nasa.gov
Fri Mar 18 08:14:57 EDT 2011

   A number of our granules specify orbit metadata (crossing lat, crossing longitude, etc) and do not specify a spatial geometry (box, polygon).  When returning spatial information for these granules, according to the new spec we would need to calculate the MBR for the orbit track.  Difficulties of that aside, I don't see any handling of orbit information in either of the GeoRSS specifications.  Is this something you have discussed before?  Is there another specification that we may look to that handles orbit metadata, or are we on our own to specify custom tags if we want to return that information?


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