[Esip-discovery] DCP-1 ratified. more DCP specs needed for greater ESIP Discovery interoperbility.

Mattmann, Chris A (388J) chris.a.mattmann at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 23 21:27:13 EDT 2011

Yep, I actually prefer mailing lists b/c of the ol' Apache mantra, check it out:


On Mar 23, 2011, at 8:12 PM, Hua, Hook (388C) wrote:

> Hi Matt,
> I definitely concur with you. I had just wanted to point out that other mechanisms exists that do the automatic threaded syncing for us.
> Reflecting back on our first round with DCP-1,  I noticed that since we used wiki.esipfed.org's mediawiki's Page Discussion feature, it seemed to narrow the discussion to people who had actively went to the page (as opposed to also getting the posts into the mailing list).
> It's interesting to note that Apache's discussion motto is that all communications is done via mailing lists. If it's not the mailing list, then it's not really on open record. Chris Mattman is familiar with this.
> --Hook
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> Subject: Re: [Esip-discovery] DCP-1 ratified. more DCP specs needed for greater ESIP Discovery interoperbility.
> Hook,
>   I'm not sold on having another mailing list / discussion forum outside
> of the existing list.  If the syncing is automatic, then I have less
> concern.  Relying on the "cc:" field  and having two lists could be
> problematic.
> Matt
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> On 3/23/11 2:09 PM, "Hua, Hook" <hook.hua at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
>> Thanks Chris and Matt for your inputs.
>> It sounds like we could benefit from a mailing list feature that is also
>> synced up with a web-based forums discussion. This helps to cleanly
>> manage concurrent discussion threads. All postings online are mailed to
>> the list. Email replies to the the list also show up in the forums.
>> The OpenSearch Google Groups seems to leverage this feature:
>> http://groups.google.com/group/opensearch
>> It's more like gmail-style discussion threads applied towards mailing
>> lists.
>> --Hook
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