[Esip-discovery] associating datasets with services in casts

Cechini, Matthew F. (GSFC-423.0)[RAYTHEON COMPANY] matthew.f.cechini at nasa.gov
Wed Apr 20 21:13:58 EDT 2011

Federating the service and data casts certainly has its advantages and
disadvantages.  As Ken highlights, coordination between service owners and
dataset owners is required to make sure that the same information is
presented depending on which end pipe you're looking through.
Consolidating into a registry, like ECHO, helps solve the issue for all
providers who utilize that registry BUT doesn't solve the problem at large
when there are other communities whose data and services may be included.

Is this an issue that we could push up into the end-user application
layer?  Meaning, data/service cast aggregators would reap information from
various locations (GESDISC, ECHO, GHRC, NOAA, EPA, etc) and then present
the information in a "coherent" manner.  This makes it our job to make
designate the format and semantics of a cast, but makes it someone else's
problem/opportunity to build on top of that.  A user who is using one of
these aggregators would see what we want them to, however there would
still be the individual casts available for programmatic or other usage.
Ruth's work with Libre at NSIDC may tie in here, but she'll know more
about that.


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On 4/20/11 3:06 PM, "Ken Keiser" <keiserk at uah.edu> wrote:

>One concern with these approaches would be that the information is
>probably not all-inclusive - in other word you are only getting a
>snapshot of data or services that some individual or entity knows about.
>Isn't this really a classic semantic inferencing problem?  The final
>destination of the results might be the various casts, but the service to
>derive the information would seemingly need to be more dynamic.
>On Apr 20, 2011, at 1:59 PM, Hua, Hook (388C) wrote:
>> This data to service "matchup" is an interesting one. I can see the
>>associations be done in many ways. Here are 3 approaches within the
>>current framework:
>> (1) for both collection-level and granule-level DataCasts, could
>>include a set of rel links for associated services.
>> (2) for ServiceCasting, could also include a set of rel links for
>>associated DataCasts. Also, there is nothing to stop us from including
>>OpenSearch OSDDs and granule-level search links.
>> (3) make matchup an OpenSearch capability. that is, a search for a
>>given dataset would only show results where that dataset shows up in
>>DataCasts AND ServiceCasts. So the results show the matched up
>>associations. Vice-versa for querying for services.
>> It appears that (1) and (2) require minimal changes. They are
>>essentially service mashups. (3) is quite interesting as it is about
>>using OpenSearch in a new way--as a match-maker.
>> --Hook
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>> Within EOSDIS, we have a few projects (Reverb, Simple Subset Wizard,
>>EOSDIS Service Interface) that need to share information about which
>>datasets are associated with which services.  Are there any ideas out
>>there on how we might implement this association within the
>>servicecasting framework?
>> This dataset-service association seems like a fundamental issue for
>>services in general...Does it warrant a discussion in an ESIP breakout
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