[Esip-discovery] [Esip-earthcollaboratory] NSF EarthCube program

Curt Tilmes Curt.Tilmes at nasa.gov
Wed Aug 10 05:34:24 EDT 2011

On 08/10/2011 01:04 AM, Hua, Hook (388C) wrote:
> (1) the ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Cluster is beginning to
> get representation in the W3C Provenance Incubator Group. Should the
> Discovery and ESC Clusters pursue similar efforts with corresponding
> W3C activities that Eric mentioned?


The Provenance Incubator is over.  This is their final report:

The incubator also captured a nice set of use cases:

There is now a W3C Provenance Working Group:

They have produced a ton of work and are proceeding rapidly to some

I have recently joined that group.

They recently did a survey of potential users of their provenance
work.  That survey is over and they have summarized its results and
are now planning a second survey.  When that is opened, I'll be
sure to forward a reference of it to these groups.


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