[Esip-discovery] Discovery Services Testbed RFP

Hua, Hook (388C) hook.hua at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Sep 13 14:30:58 EDT 2011

The Discovery Cluster had submitted a proposal to the ESIP Products and
Services Committee for a Discovery services testbed. With it approved, the
committee is now is soliciting ESIP members to propose to implement the
functionality. (note here that the testbed idea proposal and
implementation are not necessarily done by the same people).

Last month, Ken Keiser sent out an email of this. Here is an excerpt
relevant for this Discovery Cluster.

Title: Discovery Services and Clients: Interoperability Testing,
Advertisement, and Assessment of Data to Service Broker

Description: The Discovery cluster provides a medium for Federation
members to coordinate on development, deployment, and creation of
interoperable specifications for Discovery services such as OpenSearch,
DataCasting, and ServiceCasting.  As such, a common testbed to deploy
services and/or clients would enable the Federation members to test the
interoperability of Discovery services and clients. More over, having a
common testbed where Federation members from various data centers can
access would provide a common platform that can be used to advertise their
services. Currently it is difficult to know where services exist, what
they do, and how to access them. Several machine-processable mechanisms
for advertising services (such as service casting) have been evaluated by
the NASA Tech Infusion Working Group.  The testbed will provide an
environment to demonstrate how Federation-wide member services can be
advertised, described, and chained together using existing technologies.
>From this, new capabilities can also be explored such as enabling an
association of data to services where for each data collection or granule,
compatible services provided by Federation members can be shown.

ESIP Community Benefits: Improved interoperability of ESIP Discovery
services and clients leading to broader adoption. Increased awareness and
usage of Discovery services. Improved brokering of data collection and
granules to compatible services that can use them.

Cost: $8K to (1) setup the testbed for allowing service and client
implementations to be deployed onto the testbed, (2) setup a service cast
of Federation member¹s services offered, and (3) explore concept of data
to service mapping.

We would like to reach out to the cluster to see if there will be anyone
interested in submitting a proposal. A proposal should be one page or less
in length and should specify:
(a) Which task(s) the proposer is responding to;
(b) The capability of the proposer to carry out the task(s);
(c) Any special skills or intended outcomes that the proposer can bring to
the task. 

Proposals may be submitted by any ESIP organization, an individual within
such an organization, or a team of such individuals.  Civil servants are
restricted from receiving ESIP funds.  The proposal should include a CV
for any participants (not part of the 1-page proposal). Proposals or
inquires should be sent to keiserk at uah.edu by Sept 15, 2011.

We'll discuss this at today's Discovery telecon.


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