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Stephen M Richard steve.richard at azgs.az.gov
Wed Nov 9 22:37:04 EST 2011


Sorry I missed your presentation today, but fortunately the notes on the
Wiki seem pretty good.

We've been looking at the service casting and datacasting stuff and it seems
to me it's functionally analogous to a web accessible directory for
publishing metadata records (with the possibility that the server might
implement some filtering capabilities-nice addition).  Essentially the Atom
feed is a collection of simple metadata records; the only functional
additions over a CSW csw:record response with core queryables is a
*slightly* more structured treatment of the links. I think geoportal will
already harvest rss, so it would be easy to set it up to harvest the
service- or data-cast rss or atom. The discovery cluster needs to work on is
better conventions/documentation about what the link encoding will look like
(have to account for THREDDS, WSDL, WADL, other serviceTypes; need some
other attributes), and what the atom entries are about. If each of the
service casts is about a single dataset, then the resource people are
probably interested in is the data, and the service is incidentally a way to
get the data.  Is there really a separate use case for service cast and data
cast, or is what we are really interested in is just a feed that has entries
for datasets with links for the variety of ways to get at the data,
including a (possible) variety of services.


Geoportal already does OpenSearch and generates RSS and Atom responses. One
thing we'd like to figure out is how to control the content and encoding of
those responses, and how they are constructed from metadata that is
harvested in different formats. Then it looks to me like you could set up a
data or service cast from geoportal. 




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