[Esip-discovery] Forgot to mention xlink:arc role

Gallagher James jgallagher at opendap.org
Thu Mar 15 16:23:43 EDT 2012


My apologies for this, but at Tues. (?) meeting we talked about the DCP-4 (How to encode OPeNDAP links in an Atom 1.1 feed) and we decided to forestal the vote for a week while the proposal was updated. I've done all of those updates _except_ for one thing. I wonder if we should not use xlink:arcrole to disambiguate the different OPeNDAP URLs (except for the service endpoint itself)? I think it might be a good idea since this would provide a single value for client to test to find if response 'X' is available. Using the combination of rel and type is, well more complicated in general and I there will be some responses that use the same values for those (so it won't work all of the time).

Sorry about forgetting this…


PS. I had originally included xlink:arcrole to disambiguate the different DAP responses such as ASCII, RDF, etc., but then removed that in favor of having a '#<<token>>' suffix added to the xlink:role attribute (like you'd do with a namespace).
James Gallagher
jgallagher at opendap.org

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