[Esip-discovery] Discovery Testbed project - next stages

Christine White cwhite at esri.com
Mon Apr 9 10:32:53 EDT 2012

Hello Discovery Cluster,
We'd like to update you on the up and coming activities with the Discovery Testbed project and invite you to get involved. The next four stages are shaping up - please take a minute to see how you can help.

1)      The first use case we'll tackle is the "Service Validation" (http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/ServiceValidation) use case.  The customizations will entail configuring Esri Geoportal Server to validate services and casts, and if they are valid, to make them discoverable in the central repository.

-          Help wanted: contributors! Please send us URLs to the service(s) and/or cast(s) that we can use to test the validation.  Note that no service or cast will be harmed in this testing :)

2)      As development proceeds, we will be deploying versions of the customizations to a Geoportal Server instance.

-          Help wanted: developers! We have developers from Esri, but some of you expressed interest also in developing.  If that's you, we'd like to get your insight on the process for contributing code and deploying updates - another email to follow regarding that.

-          Help wanted: testers! Folks willing to be trained on the customizations, access the deployment, and provide feedback.

3)      Action on Feedback - bugs fixed, enhancements logged for inclusion or future consideration, further use cases documented, and how-to's authored.

-          Help wanted: documenters! Folks willing to enter these into a wiki and/or the source code repository (thinking about using GitHub, I'll send out another email on that)

-          Note: Steps 2 & 3 may have several iterations, depending on feedback and findings.

4)      Progress Report - ESIP Summer Meeting.  There will be a 25-minute hands-on at the Discovery Cluster session. Depending on the project progress at that point, the time can be used for presenting the tool to the cluster members present, hands-on working with the tools, how-to for developing the validation configurations to support future specifications, and/or other important topics where face-to-face is important.

-          Help wanted: attendees! Come to the session, bring questions/thoughts, and participate.

We will be asking for your help in these areas as the project progresses. Thanks for the work you've done so far!

Best Regards,

Christine White
SDI Solutions Team, Esri
909-793-2853 x 4355
cwhite at esri.com<mailto:ceggers at esri.com>

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