[Esip-discovery] GitHub and code contribution for Discovery Testbed

Christine White cwhite at esri.com
Mon Apr 9 11:24:57 EDT 2012

Hello Discovery Cluster,
As we proceed with the development, documentation, and testing phases of the Discovery Testbed, we'd like to solidify with you processes for managing code contributions.

I have posted some initial points for consideration on our Discovery Cluster wiki: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Discovery_Testbed_Code_Contribution_Guidelines

These are also provided below. All points are up for discussion, with the caveat that no process is perfect and we'd like to move forward soon :) Please take a look; we can talk further on these points tomorrow on the Cluster call.


Christine White - proposed initial guidelines below

Discovery Testbed Code Contribution Guidelines

*         Customizations to the Esri Geoportal Server code for this Discovery Testbed Project will be maintained in a GitHub hosted project.

o   NOTE: If you have a strong preference for another open source repository, please feel free to make your case. GitHub is proposed initially because of larger support from the Product & Services group, but other solutions can certainly be considered.

*         ESIP Discovery Cluster members who want to contribute customizations will be developers in the project and can contribute.

*         Contributed customizations should support a documented work item associated with a use case per the ESIP wiki and/or the source repository. The customization should include a reference to the documented item.

*         Contributions will be tested by the Esri team and if compatible with the base Geoportal Server software and the requirements/use cases identified by the Discovery Cluster, included in the deployment on the testbed instance.

*         A yet-to-be-determined set of individuals will have access to the testbed to deploy the customizations.
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