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Hi all,

Looking at the attributes and values for rel, type, and xlink, it is difficult to determine the href is really pointing to an OPeNDAP server.  Perhaps we should consider the keyword OPeNDAP be the prefix for the title attribute?  Using the title value and type attribute, the user applications/services should be able to programmatically determine how to connect to the href defined by the <link/> element.  The <link/> element could be used to point to other relevant services such as FTP, SFTP, metadata conversion service, extraction/subsetting services, etc.  Should we consider standardizing some of the URL title/keywords?



On Apr 26, 2012, at 10:23 AM, Hua, Hook (388C) wrote:

FYI. Relevant for DCP-4: OPeNDAP Links in the Atom <link/> element

The OGC is transitioning to the formal W3C XLink 1.1 schemas, which is a big change from the XLink 1.0 schemas previously used.


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Subject: [spg] OGC Xlink Policy and timeline to move to XLink 1.1

For those of you who are using these OGC specs:

  *   All versions of WM context
  *   All versions of GML since version 2.0.0
  *   All profiles of GML since 2.0.0
  *   Image CRSs
  *   All versions of OpenLS since version 1.1.0
  *   All versions of OWS Common since 1.0.0
  *   Symbology Encoding 1.0
  *   All versions of SLD since 1.0.0
  *   All versions of SensorML (including 2.0)
  *   All versions of SWE Common
  *   Table Join Service
  *   All versions of Web Coverage Service
  *   Web Feature Service 2.0
  *   Web Map Service 1.3
  *   WMTS
  *   Web Processing Service

Read this!!


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