[Esip-discovery] proposed marketing pitch for Discovery client hack-a-thon

Jeff McWhirter jeffmc at unavco.org
Sun Jun 24 22:20:47 EDT 2012

Hi Steve,

> Jeff-- the Ramadda opensearch.xml link you provided is pretty minimal. It
> only lists the required application/atom+xml output format URL pattern. 10
> minutes cruising the Ramadda web site didn't reveal any additional
> information on output formats of what the metadata encoding conventions in
> Atom are.  It first needs better documentation to be usable.
> steve

The atom response provides the standard set of metadata elements. 
Depending on what the results are you can get a variety of metadata. For 
example, the NLAS LiDAR Collection content provides a number of services 
and NLAS specific metadata, e.g.:

Here is the atom result for the fixed search:

We use georss, iso and some custom NLAS specific metadata elements (data 
dictionary field definitions).

The opensearch description document produced by ramadda does not reflect 
the full suite of search capabilities that RAMADDA provides. This is a 
shortcoming of opensearch not of ramadda.

I thought the whole point of following a standard was to not have to 
know much about the implementation? What kinds of documentation do you need?


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