[Esip-discovery] proposed marketing pitch for Discovery client hack-a-thon

Steve Richard steve.richard at azgs.az.gov
Sun Jun 24 11:45:00 EDT 2012

Jeff-- the Ramadda opensearch.xml link you provided is pretty minimal. It
only lists the required application/atom+xml output format URL pattern. 10
minutes cruising the Ramadda web site didn't reveal any additional
information on output formats of what the metadata encoding conventions in
Atom are.  It first needs better documentation to be usable.

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> Sending this out again for comments, now that we are getting closer to the
meeting.  Comments?

You could also use ramadda. It implements opensearch:
there are a number of output formats including atom, rss, thredds, csv,
wget, etc.

It also can support federated search across a set of ramadda servers.

If we get a ramadda server setup on the esip testbed it could provide a
broad collection of data and ancillary harvested metadata - grids, point
data, aircraft, photos, documents, lidar, gps, etc.,

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