[Esip-discovery] OpenSearch Description Document Schema

Aleksandar Jelenak - NOAA Affiliate aleksandar.jelenak at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 12 22:22:54 EST 2012

Hello All,

I am writing an OpenSearch description document and wanted to validate
it but could not find a schema that fully supports the latest spec,
Draft 5, so I used the schema file referenced from the OpenSearch site
and made the necessary changes.

In order to fully support the spec, namely, to allow for both multiple
instances of several elements (Url, Query, Image) and random order of
all the elements, I had to use a feature from the XML Schema version

Although this XML Schema's version became official in April I am not
sure how many validation engines out there support it. Could this be a

Also, I want to further test my schema so would appreciate if anyone
would either send me a link to their description documents or the
files. I promise to report back the results.


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