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If we go with a constant 6 groups a priori, shall we also determine ~6
perspectives in step 0 to use in the following steps?

Then I think it would be useful to create 6 google docs in advance, so
that each group can collaboratively populate the google doc during the
brainstorming sessions.

I recall at the EarthCube Charrette, some group members stayed behind,
while a few others left to other groups to cross-pollinate ideas, and then
came back to report. So for example, if we have 7 people in a group, we
could have 4 people stay behind, 3 people visit 3 other groups to exchange
ideas. Each group's members that stayed behind would answer questions from

Having said this, I think it would only be effective if there is
sufficiently large number of participants.


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>On Dec 13, 2012, at 11:44 AM, Christine White wrote:
>> I like the mingle aspect of Step 4 - I think perhaps there should be a
>>time limit though to keep folks moving, e.g., 10 minutes to mingle with
>>other groups and find out what their GC's are,
>I thought we could just put them all up in a Google doc to allow folks to
>see what they are.  However, to promote the mingling, we could tell the
>groups to send people to other groups to ask questions for
>clarifications.  They did this at the Earth Cube Charrette.
>What do you think?
>> then return to one's own group and discuss for 10 before coming
>>together for a mapping of the connections (?).
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>> 0 - Define / present goals of process, different perspectives*
>> 1 - Count off into N / 6 groups, where N is n umber of attendees
>> 2 - In the first brainstorming period, each group tries to develop one
>>grand challenge use case for each perspective**
>> 3 - We make all of the GC's available to everyone
>> 4 - In the second period, each group goes on a scavenger hunt for GC's
>>that are complementary to their own
>> 5 - we then look at the various connections that have been made as a
>> *science researcher, long tail data provider, etc.
>> **but if they end up with an unbalanced set that is OK
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