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On Dec 13, 2012, at 11:44 AM, Christine White wrote:

> I like the mingle aspect of Step 4 - I think perhaps there should be a time limit though to keep folks moving, e.g., 10 minutes to mingle with other groups and find out what their GC's are,

I thought we could just put them all up in a Google doc to allow folks to see what they are.  However, to promote the mingling, we could tell the groups to send people to other groups to ask questions for clarifications.  They did this at the Earth Cube Charrette.

What do you think?

> then return to one's own group and discuss for 10 before coming together for a mapping of the connections (?).
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> 0 - Define / present goals of process, different perspectives*
> 1 - Count off into N / 6 groups, where N is n umber of attendees
> 2 - In the first brainstorming period, each group tries to develop one grand challenge use case for each perspective**
> 3 - We make all of the GC's available to everyone 
> 4 - In the second period, each group goes on a scavenger hunt for GC's that are complementary to their own
> 5 - we then look at the various connections that have been made as a group
> *science researcher, long tail data provider, etc.
> **but if they end up with an unbalanced set that is OK
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