[Esip-discovery] ESIP Discovery RFC Action Items

Eric Rozell rozele at rpi.edu
Tue Jan 8 17:02:35 EST 2013

* Ruth and JPL Representative(s) - check the Datacasting section in RFC 
* Ruth (or other) - update document to state Datacasting as an "advertisement" and "page rank" in RFC
* OpenSearch Focused Members - take a look at the Datacasting section in RFC
* JPL DAAC Rep - Write RSS specification in RFC
* Eric - "+" is in URL, not in the data that gets parsed by the server (create DCP?)
* Eric - Find default behavior for searchTerms in OpenSearch ("space-delimited")
** Note, Chris was correct in stating there is no default "boolean" behavior, but the default delimiter is a "space" character
* Chris - update spec to explicitly state that recursive OpenSearch queries imply subsetting operations (as opposed to broader or related search)
* Matt - look for different ways of representing MIME types for netCDF3 vs netCDF4 (or HDF4 vs HDF5)
* Chris - For OPeNDAP, make a change to denote that not all 6 response types are required
* Chris - Disambiguate notion of versioning to ensure we're not talking about dataset version (which is left up to the providers)
* Chris - Add bulleted list of implementations (with or without URLs)
* Chris - Acknowledge in Implementation section that most servers and clients "loosely conform"
* All - Update the Implementations section of the RFC with your implementations

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