[Esip-discovery] ESIP Discovery RFC Action Items

Eric Rozell rozele at rpi.edu
Tue Jan 8 17:31:28 EST 2013

Also, Chris, add something to the end of the implementation section stating that any issues should be reported directly to the ESIP discovery mailing list.

On Jan 8, 2013, at 5:02 PM, Eric Rozell wrote:

> * Ruth and JPL Representative(s) - check the Datacasting section in RFC 
> * Ruth (or other) - update document to state Datacasting as an "advertisement" and "page rank" in RFC
> * OpenSearch Focused Members - take a look at the Datacasting section in RFC
> * JPL DAAC Rep - Write RSS specification in RFC
> * Eric - "+" is in URL, not in the data that gets parsed by the server (create DCP?)
> * Eric - Find default behavior for searchTerms in OpenSearch ("space-delimited")
> ** Note, Chris was correct in stating there is no default "boolean" behavior, but the default delimiter is a "space" character
> * Chris - update spec to explicitly state that recursive OpenSearch queries imply subsetting operations (as opposed to broader or related search)
> * Matt - look for different ways of representing MIME types for netCDF3 vs netCDF4 (or HDF4 vs HDF5)
> * Chris - For OPeNDAP, make a change to denote that not all 6 response types are required
> * Chris - Disambiguate notion of versioning to ensure we're not talking about dataset version (which is left up to the providers)
> * Chris - Add bulleted list of implementations (with or without URLs)
> * Chris - Acknowledge in Implementation section that most servers and clients "loosely conform"
> * All - Update the Implementations section of the RFC with your implementations
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