[Esip-discovery] List of web services that could use work

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> On Apr 15, 2015, at 1:51 PM, Ruth Ellen Duerr via Esip-discovery <esip-discovery at lists.esipfed.org> wrote:
> Yes, I put OpenSearch at the top (both flavors).

I don't quite get the Subsetting Service flavor. I think of Subsetting as returning actual data values, but I don't know how an OpenSearch response can return the actual values.  Can you point elaborate?

I also don't understand Hyrax as a Catalog Service. Do you mean the thredds.xml files it creates, and if so, isn't that the same as Thredds?

Also, there is little difference in capability between a WCS and OPeNDAP in what they let you do and what they return.  Both support subsetting and return data values. Seems like they are either both Subsetting Service (if I understand Subsetting correctly) or both Data Service (if I misunderstand Subsetting).

>  This completes that action item from yesterday’s telecon.  I am in the process of submitting the ESIP summer session proposal as we speak.
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