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Sorry I missed the call yesterday--interesting topic.   It sounds like the idea is a scheme to facilitate web crawlers to discover service endpoints and be able to infer something about the kind of service?
If so, maybe something like the 'Home' document would make sense (https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-nottingham-json-home-03, expired internet draft) is in order. 
In the list Ruth compiled, several of the services already have self-description documents (OpenSearch, OGC services, OAI-PMH) and a couple are self-description document formats (OpenSearch description, WSDL, WADL).  
Maybe the critical thing here is a registry of strings to use that identify a particular service type/version and any relevant profiles. There's an OSGEO group that's made a start at this, perhaps we can build on that? 


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> Yes, I put OpenSearch at the top (both flavors).

I don't quite get the Subsetting Service flavor. I think of Subsetting as returning actual data values, but I don't know how an OpenSearch response can return the actual values.  Can you point elaborate?

I also don't understand Hyrax as a Catalog Service. Do you mean the thredds.xml files it creates, and if so, isn't that the same as Thredds?

Also, there is little difference in capability between a WCS and OPeNDAP in what they let you do and what they return.  Both support subsetting and return data values. Seems like they are either both Subsetting Service (if I understand Subsetting correctly) or both Data Service (if I misunderstand Subsetting).

>  This completes that action item from yesterday’s telecon.  I am in the process of submitting the ESIP summer session proposal as we speak.
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