[Esip-discovery] Web Services cluster update

soren scott sorenscott at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 10:54:23 EDT 2015

A quick update on restarting the web services cluster -

The process is mostly a few emails and some scheduling, so that's easy
enough. It's restarted as of yesterday, first telecon on Monday the 14th.

I did take the liberty of referencing Ruth's mission statement on the WS
wiki, but that should probably be an agenda item for the next Discovery
telecon? I will leave it to the wisdom of the crowds to consider what else,
if anything, might be worthwhile to discuss on the 8th related to the two
areas. Feel free to drop me a line, though.

For anyone who missed it and would like to play along, there's a Google
Sheet for capturing potential WS topics:


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