[Esip-discovery] Web Services session proposal

soren scott sorenscott at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 17:26:39 EDT 2015

Afternoon, all.

I took the liberty of putting together a Web Services session proposal for
the winter meeting. The session proposal is here:


There is a placeholder submission for the winter meeting listed as a
planning session. I am all ears for additional ideas or if there's some
related area that we overlook in this space that would benefit from some
discussion, let me know or add it to the google doc. It is currently half
presentations and half planning session for the spring. I've tried to keep
it focused on web service discovery with potential collaborations with the
semantic web cluster members as well as how we might handle big data
streaming services in our current systems.

So if anyone is working with the kinds of big data streaming services and
EO data and would like to give an overview of those kinds of efforts, I am
looking for another presenter and I would appreciate any leads on that.

The next telecon is November 9 at 4 Eastern.

Thanks and I am looking forward to see you in January (and November),
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