[Esip-discovery] Proposed AGU session (deadline April 19)

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I think you hit all the points. I was going to add the discovery via
science articles but you got that. Maybe add discovery via social media
too. I¹d like to be co convener,

[Added Lewis to the cc list ]

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>I¹d like to propose the following session.  Please let me know if you
>want to co-convene, and if you have any suggestions for modifying the
>session abstract:
>Alternate Pathways for Discovery of Earth Science Research Data
>For research data to be of practical use in broader applications and
>communities, it must be discoverable in a way that makes sense to those
>communities. Common commercial search engines treat datasets like, and
>with, documents and web pages, often with counterintuitive results.
>However, there is more than one way to guide a prospective data user who
>is looking to reuse research data.  For example, discovery pathways may
>also begin from the perspective of the physical phenomena in question;
>from science research articles describing or using the data; from
>narratives in which the data feature; or from data visualizations.  This
>session will look at the variety of entry points for finding research
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