[Esip-discovery] Proposed AGU session (deadline April 19)

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With Ed’s suggestion on social media:

Alternate Pathways for Discovery of Earth Science Research Data

For research data to be of practical use in broader applications and communities, it must be discover-able in a way that makes sense to those communities. Common commercial search engines treat datasets like documents and web pages, commingling these resources in search results.  Users can find this commingled presentation of search results counter-intuitive and confusing.  However, there is more than one way to guide a prospective data user who is looking to reuse research data.  For example, discovery pathways may also begin from the perspective of the physical phenomena in question; from science research articles about the data; from narratives featuring the data; from data visualizations; and even via social media.  This session will look at the variety of entry points for finding research data.
Christopher Lynnes   NASA/GSFC    301-614-5185
“I love it when a plan comes together.” — Hannibal Smith

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