[Esip-discovery] [MINUTES] ESIP Winter Data Discovery Plenary Planning

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I did some reformatting for easier readability and some minor editing on the wiki page. I wish you well in getting the session together. Sounds interesting.



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Hi All,


I've started a wiki page here:



Planning to put some draft text together next for action item 1. scope statement needs to be produced which summarizes the plenary.




On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 12:53 PM, Hampapuram Ramapriyan via Esip-discovery <esip-discovery at lists.esipfed.org> wrote:


I added a few more details to the notes on the Google doc. Sounds like a good idea to formalize on an ESIP wiki page.




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Subject: [MINUTES] ESIP Winter Data Discovery Plenary Planning


Hi Folks,

Please see the notes below which cover todays Telecon planning session for the proposed plenary being hosted by the Data Discovery Cluster.


We have a few action items and a bit of planning to do. Let’s keep the momentum going as I think we could pull off a really interesting session.

Thank you to Information Quality representatives who provided a bunch of helpul input… in all honesty this should maybe be formalized into a more general ESIP wiki page somewhere else???



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